A whole body experience.   A Treatment for the whole body that clean, balance and refresh your body’s skin to help it look its best. Treatments target skins ageing, elasticity, dryness, dullness and importantly targets our overall well-being.

Glow and Go 1hr $75

A body enzymatic treatment to prep and balance the PH level of the Skin to ensure a perfect Moroccan tan. An enzymatic treatment will be applied to your skin to clean away dead skin cells and oils to ensure a clean, new skin surface is accessible for the Moroccan Tan solution to transform your colour tone. Once skin is rinsed off in your private Swiss Shower, your skin will be given time to dry whilst enjoying a hot cup of herbal tea. It is now time to apply the Moroccan tan in: Light medium or dark. Let’s step inside the Spray Station to complete your incredible tan.


Bring Back Your Sparkle 1hr $85


The month of JULY we are offering
Bring Back Your Sparkle 1hr

An exfoliating Body Treatment to remove dead skin to allow new softer skin to surface.
In your own private room embrace the moment and just be.
Treatment begins with a warm oil back massage followed by an aromatic warm exfoliating scrub to remove the dry skin.
You will rinse the scrub off in your private Swiss shower and to finish the treatment your skin will be hydrated with moisturizing body milk.

 Mask Matters 1hr $95

A Body mask to improve skin elasticity and tone, a perfect treatment for revitalizing toneless tissue prone to stretch marks. Your treatment will begin with application of an enzymatic exfoliation cream to soften and remove excess dead skin cells. Hot towels will be applied to the body to remove product. Application of a Ginseng and Green Tea body mask will then be applied and left to do its magic. During this time your feet, hands and scalp will receive a much needed massage. To rinse body mask, you will be invited to your private Swiss shower.  To finish the treatment skin will be applied with the body toning cream Ginseng and Polypeptide complex, to regenerate cellular activity assuring new found muscle tone.

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