adb75cbdc54604439d69cf8e90a74b57.jpgThe Fine Line balance = beauty invites you to the benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy. A form of massage that combines flowing synchronized movements and aromatic oils that will relax and re – energize the body allowing reprieve of stress and anxiety symptoms. Improve your general well-being!


Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You 45min $65

Stress relieve for the Scalp, neck shoulders and face. A relaxing warm oil massage integrating the assistance of Basalt hot Stones with relaxing massage techniques  will assist in the removal of tension in the neck and shoulders, flowing into a face and scalp massage that will release  enchanting vitality.



Dear Stress Let’s Break Up 1hr $75

Relaxation massage to calm the nerves. As the relaxing warm oil massage depresses our stress response the nervous system will respond and the entire body will result in a state of clam. Your one hour treatment will involve full body warm oil massage, tightness and blockages will be released and initiate blood flow and encourage the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. Relaxed body + Relaxed mind = Balance.



Rock My World 1hr $90

Heat + Massage = Relaxation

This ancient massage technique involves the use of smooth volcanic Basalt stones that are heated to a temperature that will warm the body and shift tension.  A hypnotic sequence of relaxing massage techniques will support a process that will destress the body and mind allowing the body to heal and return to a state of natural rest.  Stones are precisely placed to inspire an inner energy to release concluding in a truly restoring emotional and physical well-being.



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